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Team Building Activities & Ideas for the Columbus, Ohio area

We know Columbus knows a thing or two about successful teams! So we’re bringing team building events to Columbus, Ohio! Team building events are a great way to kick off new campaigns, celebrate new quarters, and keep the team united. We here at EventColumbus know that team and company atmosphere can either motivate us to work harder or hamper our ability to do so. What we are saying is this: team building is essential and one of the most important things we do. We all value team building, we all understand the value of good team building and we all know the importance of choosing the right activities for our team.

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But how do you do it right? Just give us a call! We offer free advice and event planning. We know Ohio, we know Columbus, and we know teams- we are one! We’ve been helping with team building for twenty years, so we know every team is different. We offer many different team building activities and we offer many unique team building activities.

A few ideas for your next company event:

Build A Bike Team Building Columbus Ohio

Work together to be the first team to fully assemble a bike that will later be donated to a child in need. Your group has a blast and in the process, brightens up a child’s life – everyone wins with our Build-A-Bike team building activity. Our team will host and lead competitive team games to win the parts to your bikes. We will assist in it’s construction and you can win great extras to decorate the bike with.  Some of our recipients have been the Dragonfly Foundation, The Boys and Girls Club, and Action Adoption.

We also offer other versions of Build a Bike with food items that are then donated to the Free Store Food Bank.  We make your team activity fun and purposeful.

Build A Bike Team Building Columbus Ohio
Murder Mysteries

Nothing brings people together like a tragedy, so we are happy to provide the death! Our Murder Mystery packages for team building will allow you and your team to laugh, gasp, follow clues, solve puzzles, and figure out who-dun-it! This is a perfect team building activity that specializes in playing to all your team’s talents. Our Murder Mystery team building packages can even be themed for double the fun. Our Murder Mystery Team Building themes include, but aren’t limited to: Under the Big Top, Wild West, Mafia, Renaissance and Middle Ages, as well as any Holiday!

Murder Mystery Dinners

Build A Bike Team Building Columbus Ohio
Game Shows

Have your team race against the clock and battle brain teasers with our team building Game Show Packages. Our game shows will allow your team to work cooperatively or compete against each other, both resulting in team building and boosting morale. Our team building Game Show Package can include a variety of game shows including the 60 Second Challenge, Fast Paced Trivia, Fabulous Feud, Name the Right Price. Test your team on our questions, or give us some information about your company, your team, your favorite Ohio team or your latest initiative, and we can build the game around that while you are busy team building!

Build A Bike Team Building Columbus Ohio
Spy School

Long for the action and adventure of James Bond? Your team probably does too! In our Spy School team building package, you and your team can learn the skills, compete in spy activities, and learn how what it takes to be a great spy can also make you a great team. Some of our spy instructors are Swat team members, others are magicians. Watch your team be amazed as they learn new skills in a fun, team building light! We’d tell you more about what we teach in Spy School, but that’s top secret…

Build A Bike Team Building Columbus Ohio
Casino Party

We have a lot to offer if you’re ready to shuffle your team’s routine! We have a Casino party and event supplies for teams of all skill levels. Is your team looking to learn new tables or are they old hats when it comes to casino play? We cater to all skill levels! We bring all the supplies, let you choose from a variety of casino tables, supply entertaining dealers, and even have décor! Check out our Casino page to see our full offerings on how a Casino Night might be the perfect event for your next team building activity.

Casino Parties Columbus

Build A Bike Team Building Columbus Ohio
Headliners! Stage Shows?

What about a show? If your team likes to get involved, laugh, and be amazed, we have some show options for you. Team building becomes unbelievable fun when you bring a comedian along, like you can do with our Comedian Show team building package. Like to laugh, but want more? Add a magician for a Comedy Magic Show! We also offer hypnotists to mystify and delight your team with our Hypnotism Show team building package.

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Not sure, or so excited you want to hear more?! We also offer other team building activities including: Night At the Races Derby Horse Races, the Chocolate Challenge, Build a Bike, and lots more!

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