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Murder Mystery Dinners & Parties

Murder Mystery Dinner Columbus Ohio

The villian is always caught

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From the Grove City to the German Village we’re the Detectives on the job! No caper to mysterious for our crime hounds. We’ll sniff out every clue and the bad guys always get nabbed. So whether your murder mystery dinner is at COSI, The Westin Columbus, or Franklin Park Conservatory we’re the murder mystery company to hire.
Anywhere in Greater Columbus we’ll bring everything you need for an evening of mystery. We’ll show up early and set up props and clues around the room. We’ll set up the crime scene. We’ll place information on every table and we’ll get the costumes ready for your guests.

Custom Written Scripts

All of our murder mystery dinners are custom written. No out of the box mystery parties here! No purchased canned scripts. No chance your guests have played this mystery before. We write our own. We adjust them for your group. We’re the only murder mystery dinner company worth paying for. Do you have something special that you need a murder mystery written for? Just ask about having a special murder mystery written for your venue. That’s what one Hilton hotel with a spooking past did, and what the zoo recently did as well. Or choose from one of the many great murder mysteries we’ve already written. You’ll be amazed by the great choices! Great costumes! And great props! And great fun!

Murder Mystery Scripts

(Custom written not out of a box)

  • Circus
  • Clue
  • Gangster
  • Holiday
  • Hotel
  • Renaissance
  • Western
  • Zoo
Murder Mystery Columbus

Murder Mystery Columbus

Any Size Audience

Murder mystery dinners are great for audience sizes of 20 to 300. That said as your numbers climb we’re going to guide you from our murder mysteries that are more of a show into our murder mysteries that are more stations. No one else can do this because they’re operating off of scripts they purchase. We’ve specifically written murder mystery scripts for small and large audiences. Our large audience scripts allow guests to engage with characters at stations, at their leisure and in any order. Solving the mystery at their own pace.

Unique to Columbus

Columbus as such a great murder mystery history and layout that it makes mystery dinners fun. When we’re in the Italian Village there’s a gangster murder mystery that we love to perform. When we’re performing a western murder mystery it’s on the banks of the Scioto River, and I love Columbus’ The Clock Tower for our Renaissance mystery.

How Mystery Dinners Work

Murder mystery dinners last about 90 minutes from the time we start. We will arrive early, set everything up. When you and your guests arrive, we will greet you in character and then disappear while you eat dinner and look at the items on your table. Towards the end of dinner, we return and start the mystery. From that point on it’s 90 action packed minutes of super sleuthing! Everything culminates in the apprehension of the villain(s) and the announcement of who solved the crime and wins the prize!

Our Actors and Your Actors

Of course your guests are the stars of the show. They’re give the best parts. They will be supported by our professional performers and actors. Something unique that no other murder mystery company can say is that our scripts employ professional magicians and jugglers as part of the show. It’s like getting two shows in one! No one else adds such variety to their scripts. Your guests will be blown away as our actors eat fire! Juggle swords and perform magic before their very eyes!

Holiday Party Murder Mystery Dinner

Looking for something unique and fun for your company holiday party? Don’t want to spend too much? Our Holiday Murder Mystery is perfect! It’s fun and silly and deals with the problems of the corporate world of toy production, and of course murder. You’ll laugh at the outrageous costumes and characters. The script is holiday themed and perfect for everyone! A great way to spend you company holiday party!

Team Building Murder Mystery Dinners

Not every team building needs to be running around physical. Explore your creative side with a murder mystery dinner. Collaborate as teams to gather clues, interrogate witnesses, and solve puzzles! Your teams will benefit from this great team building option!

Team Building Options

Unique Fundraisers Available

Unique Fundraisers Available

Fundraiser Murder Mystery Dinners

Using a murder mystery dinner is a great idea! Murder mystery dinners are a great fundraiser. Charge for admittance, charge for the alcohol, have a donation table. And then there are lots of unique ways for us to help you to fund raise during the mystery! If it’s a fundraiser just let us know! Some popular ways to increase the success of your fundraiser include casino games at your gangster murder mystery (we have some specific tables not just any), bail and jail at your western murder mystery, or auctioning bags of gold & goodies at your renaissance murder mystery. Just to name a few!

Murder Mystery Dinner FAQ’S

Should we tell people it’s a mystery dinner? Yes and we will send you a blurp about the mystery to share with them ahead of time!
Should we tell people to dress up? Yes, and tell them you’re giving out a prize for the best dressed costume!
Should we pick out volunteers ahead of time? No, let us pick the actors and actresses, but if there’s someone special you’d like us to use let us know ahead of time.
How many prizes should we have? That’s up to you… We can have people play as tables, as couples, or as individuals. So you tell us how you’d like it played and buy prizes accordingly. Don’t forget some prizes for the best costumed couple.
Can we have a murder mystery fundraiser? Yes!

Why choose us!

We’re honored that you’re considering us for your event. To be honest we believe we’re the best option.

  • Our Murder Mysteries are custom scripts.
  • We bring large props and small props to every event.
  • We show up early.
  • We’ve been performing murder mysteries for twenty years.
  • Our actors are professional performers.
  • Our scripts are adjustable to your event.
  • We’ll help with your fundraiser! We have unique fund raising ideas!

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About the Author

Dave Willacker has been acting since the age of six. He has been writing scripts since high school and won his first award for an original scene composition at the age of 17. From 18 – 20 he was an improve actor and stage combatant at the Ohio Renaissance festival and at twenty three began acting with Cincinnati’s two murder mystery companies. Both of these companies custom wrote their own scripts. Both in different styles. It wasn’t long before Dave began assisting in they’re writing. Out of loyalty Dave did not start performing his own murder mystery dinners until both companies had moved on. Dave then began writing new scripts that had never been used before and continues to write, act and direct these new murder mysteries.

Contact us at (614) 309-1005 for more information.
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