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Columbus, Ohio Company Picnics & Parties

It’s that time of year. You can already smell the barbeque getting fired up and the excitement in the air of family fun. It’s only the entire company attending. No pressure in figuring out how to throw the best company picnic, right?

Here’s the great thing about Columbus – not only do we have some on the best companies around, we also have some great venues! Stadiums, theaters, parks and green spaces, not to mention theme parks and other attractions that can cater to every family member. Oh, but don’t forget about catering too. Or the entertainment. The emcee. The theme. The list goes on and on. If you’re the person in charge of figuring this all out, it can feel like a herculean task. You might even make a checklist like this:

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Should we even have a company picnic?


  • Good for morale
  • good for team building
  • shows family friendly culture
  • celebrates successes
  • get to know your staff and their families
  • have fun


  • Planning for staff
  • planning catering
  • event setup and teardown details
  • who’s going to work the event
  • being nickled and dimed by the catering/entertainment/supply rental company
    the paperwork

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All of the sudden, having fun seems like a reach, especially if you’re the one doing the planning for the corporate picnic. If you ask around, you’ll probably get some pretty good advice like:

  • Hire a professional
  • Someone who’s all inclusive
  • Someone who can make your company picnic full of family fun
  • Make sure they are licensed
  • Make sure they use their staff for setup and teardown
  • You definitely want someone who has been in the entertainment industry for years
  • You have to make sure the company who plans your family picnic is local and knows the area.

I know, just add all that advice to your list above. But once you start your search for Columbus companies + years of experience + local entertainment, you’ll see our name pop up. But you might not believe all the hype, so go back and as your colleagues- the ones you asked above- who they used last year. It might be us. We love Columbus. We are all over Columbus. Corporate events are what we do, and they happen year round.

So if you start to think that planning your corporate event is as much fun as ants at a picnic, don’t give up. Just hire a professional. That’s what we do at Event Columbus.

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