Casino Night Party Fundraisers!

//Casino Night Party Fundraisers!

Welcome to Monte Carlo!

Let me help you with all that money! Just teasing! Monte Carlo nights need to be fun! Sure, you can decorate the whole room in gambling paraphernalia, but if they were interested in real casino gambling they wouldn’t be there with you! So feel free to combine your Monte Carlo or casino night party with any other theme you like!

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Last night we hosted a circus themed casino night party! All the dealers were dressed up including a strong man, palm reader, and a strolling magician! In the past we have also hosted western themed casino night parties where we made the room look like a saloon and brought in casino tables made of oak. Not to make this a promotional post about all we do, most casino night and Monte Carlo Party companies can help you in these ways so these are just examples to give you ideas.

Of course you should totally only use us!

Another client asked for a futuristic theme so we fired up our LED illuminated tables and a fog machines! It was nothing short of amazing and the party was a smash hit! Futuristic or Monte Carlo themesn not your ‘thing’? We also have art themes, derby day themes, and holiday themes where we dressed as elves and Santa made a surprise visit!

Fund raising at casino nights is first about making it fun and come back. Here are 8 ways to capitalize on your casino party fund raising night!

  • When you announce that the casino tables are open take a moment to thank everyone for being here at such a good cause.
  • Have printed literature to go on every casino table.
  • Have a donation table.
  • Hire a magician who asks for donations in exchange for a trick. “For any small donation I’ll show you a trick.” Do the same with your palm reader. You may not make a killing on this but you will cover the cost of your entertainment and make a little profit
  • Offer a cash cube where they can pay to try and win cash or prizes. Or Offer a bail and jail – I have seen these make $4500 in a single night.
  • Don’t do the tired old silent auction – what a bore! Instead offer good food, and entertainment, and charge them for coming in.
  • Have a casino table where you can win alcohol, but you have to pay to play. Huge!

And remember your Monte Carlo night or Casino party company should be able and willing to help you raise money. So if they aren’t cool like us, use us instead.

Contact us at (614) 309-1005 for more information.
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